Our Values

The driving factors behind our corporate philosophy, our day-to-day operations, and ultimately our success are values that guide everything we do and shape who we are and how we behave individually and collectively as a company.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At DIP we believe that serving our communities is integral to running a business successfully. Our corporate social responsibility is employees, customers, investors, business partners and other stakeholders. This means observing and implementing strict ethical, moral and legal codes to ensure best practices in our dealings with both individuals and business entities. We are dedicated to minimizing direct environmental impacts by managing our carbon footprints which in turn helps us to preserve and enrich the environment. As part of our CSR, DIP is committed to sustainable development. 

Environment Friendly

DIP is designed to be one of the most environment-friendly developments in the region. Extensive landscaping and eco friendly polices underline its focus on a green, clean environment. Therefore, industries setting up in the park are necessarily environment-conscious and low in pollutants and emissions. It is mandatory for all companies to allocate 20 % of their total area to landscaping. 

Community Driven

The core of DIP is the community spirit. We strive to make the park an ideal community, self-sustained and well-integrated in all aspects of living; from Residential to Commercial and Industrial - creating a unique experience for those who live and work here. 


DIP integrates seamlessly with the surrounding areas, adding something unique to Dubai. It is the ideal modern integrated community that is well connected with the rest of Dubai.

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