Safety and Security

Being a world-class mixed-use socially-responsible development, DIP is strongly committed to providing its tenants and residents with the very best facilities while ensuring that it complies with all safety regulations set down by the local authorities. As part of the security outlay, ample CCTV cameras and moving PTC cameras have been installed across the facility.

Police Post

There is a dedicated Police Post located at the DIP premises. Linked to the Jebel Ali General Station, which is linked to the Dubai Police General Headquarters, the DIP Police Post ensures the safety of DIP tenants and residents. The post's work embraces follow-ups, traffic safety, attending to small accidents and other issues related to everyday life. 

Emergency Numbers Police Post: +971 4 885 9879 

24-Hour Security

In addition, there are security personnel and vehicles manning and patrolling the entire area. The facilities management department in DIP is directly involved with the area's security. A 24-hour security hotline specifically for DIP can be accessed for all security-related concerns.

Hotline 1: +971 50 458 7995

Hotline 2: +971 50 650 0824

Public Safety

Public safety features include a permanently-based fire engine and ambulance, strategically located speed humps and latest wireless communication systems to facilitate faster response and co-ordination by DIP authorities to any situation. 

To ensure that DIP and its tenants are strictly following all safety measures and regulations set down by Civil Defence, regular checks are conducted by the authorities. Inspections at labour camps include a thorough check on life safety requirements, reliability and readiness of fire-fighting equipment, and fire and emergency plan. 

Checks at the warehouse look into aspects such as storage height, storage method and fire-fighting systems compatibility, besides life safety requirements. 

Safety features at the industrial zone covers areas such as operations safety requirements, reliability and readiness of fire-fighting and fire detection systems, life safety requirements, housekeeping, personal protective equipment and, worker safety and evacuation plan. 

All DIP tenants must observe internal regulations relating to air and dust emissions, trade and hazardous waste, noise control, import and storage of dangerous goods and safety of workers. 

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